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  • Recognition@HPE
  • Pension Administrators
  • Insurance
  • Equity

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Global Rewards

The Global Total Rewards website provides all the information you need regarding:

  • HPE Equity Awards (Performance-based Restricted Units, Restricted Stock Awards, Restricted Stock Units, Stock Appreciation Rights, Stock Options)
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)
  • Share Ownership Plan (SOP)


Access to the Recognition Center along with details of how to redeem your points can be found here.

Pension Administrators

If you have questions about your pension after leaving the company, you should contact the pension administrator for your particular pension arrangement.

If you are enrolled in the Pension Plan, as the guidlines says, an employee that leaves HP has to move their pension plan balance to another plan, either an individual one or another company´s, within 6 month’s after leaving HP.

If you are enrolled in:
Fundo de Pensões BPI
Plano Reforma T - Vida

If you are a Permanent Transfer Outside, you can leave your Pension Plan amounts in BPI or TVida or move them to any other Pension Plan in Portugal.

If you change your address, it is important you notify the appropriate pension administrator so that any future communications reach you.

Health Insurance

Médis Insurance Company Phone: 707508888
Mercer - Broker

Life Insurance

The HP Life & Disability policy ends when you leave HP. If you then want to hire a personal life insurance policy, you can contact :

Mercer Broker:


Shareowner Services
Contact Shareowner Services from 3:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. New York time, Monday through Friday.
Shareowner Services Website:
U.S. 1-888-892-4853
Non-U.S. 1--201-296-4789; 1-201-680-6941
Non-U.S. E-mail:

Wells Fargo Shareowner Services
Contact Wells Fargo Shareowner Services from 7 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central time Monday through Friday.
U.S. and Canada 1-800-286-5977
Non-U.S. 1-651-453-2122
Online at:
Click on “Contact Us”.

Computershare Investor Services
For Historical Statements or inquiries.
For US and Non-US (312) 360-5100
E-mail: (for e-mail inquires please provide your Computershare account number and full name)

Smith Barney
U.S.: (800) 367-4777
Non-U.S.: Americas: (212) 615-7835
Europe region (Spain): 34-93-316-5934
Asia Pacific region (Australia): 61-2-8225-0675

Merrill Lynch
(888) 4HP-STOCK (447-7862) for U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico or +1-609-818-8913 for International Calls before your last day of employment.

HP's Global Equity Administration

HR and Payroll Help

For all your HR and Payroll related questions, we are here to help you.

Reach us via this web-form for a quick response on queries related to:

  • Benefits
  • General Inquiries
  • Employment verification
  • Compensation
  • Earnings/Tax Statement
  • General Inquiries

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