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This section contains information relating to:

  • Insurance
  • Flex Credit
  • Global Rewards
  • Recognition

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Insurance Program

Your coverage and coverage of your eligible dependants will cease on the day following your last day of service with HPE.

Flex Credit

Upon termination of employment, any unused flex credits will be forfeited and premium for optional benefits will not be refunded.

Global Rewards

Equity Program - Long-term Incentives

The treatment of long-term incentives is dependent on the type of termination and is governed by individual grant agreements, plan documents and Board resolutions. The provisions are reviewed and determined annually or biennially by the HRC. For more information, HPE will not assume responsibility for your failure to exercise an award and will not reinstate an expired award.

For more information please contact Merrill Lynch at (888) 4HPE-STOCK (447-7862) for U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico or +1-609-818-8913 for International Calls before your last day of employment. You can also contact HPE's Global Equity Administration at Global Equity Administration_GEA for more information.

HPE Stock Purchase Plans

Contributions already taken for the current Offering Period are returned to you. Future contributions will caese. Your account will remain open for you to sell shares or request stock transfers to Wells Fargo, provided that the holding period has been met. In case you own HPE stock, and would like to know more about your possibilities, please visit the Global Equity website.


  • Please visit to claim any unused Recognition points.
  • Do note that you should indicate a Singapore address and contact number in order for the Recognition vendor (BI Worldwide) to reach you.
  • For employees living outside Singapore, please ensure an alternative Singapore address and contact number is indicated.
  • If you have indicated delivery to a HPE office in Singapore, please ensure that you or an alternative contact are available onsite to receive the delivery.
  • Unclaimed gifts will be deemed forfeited if they are not collected within 3 months of redemption:
  • For unclaimed gift vouchers, please collect them from the HPE Central Mailroom @ Singapore One HP Campus, 1 Depot Close, Level 1, #01-02 Singapore 109841 (Operating hours: Mondays to Fridays exclude on Public Holidays, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm). Alternatively, they may contact HPE Central Mailroom at +65 6681 5009.
  • For unclaimed courier parcels, please contact the Recognition vendor (BI Worldwide) at

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